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5 Great Resistance Band Exercises for Elite Football Performance

Resisted High Speed Training is a great way to challenge the whole body, with high speed movements that allow for full power output. It allows for optimal body and mechanic control without impairing body movements. Here are 5 great drills you can implement into your training program and start seeing great results. (Video of each exercise at the bottom)

1. Resistance Band Sprint:

This exercise is great for developing overall power through the whole body, as well as, allow for isolated mechanics tweaking. The band is a great way to focus on your stride length. It forces you to sprint just as hard but not allowing you to generate the same amount of speed. Have someone tape your attempt (preferably a speed coach and in slow motion) and get a separate partner to hold the band. After each attempt, assess the encompassing technique. Whenever you complete resistance sprints, make sure to knock out some regular sprints, to reinforce the movement and increase your confidence to apply it to the game.

2. Resistance Band Back Pedal:

For most positions, back pedaling is huge! This exercise allows for you to create power while back pedaling and also working on your balance and core control. Follow these up with un-resisted back pedals to apply everything in real time.

3. Resistance Band Broad Jump:

The goal here is to develop a more powerful jump and create a controlled landing. It’s so important to focus on full extension through the hips. You will want to look like superman with your body completely extended out straight as you leave the ground. Landing must be light and controlled. Follow these up with some un-resisted broad jumps to apply your new technique and improve overall power.

4. Resistance Band Multi-Directional Sprint and Touch:

The ability to transition and accelerate, is essential!  Add  a cone touch in the mix to force multi level adjustments during the sprint. A great situational drill, make sure not to round as you touch the cone.

5. Resistance Band Multi- Directional Broad Jump

This one is more advanced than the regular broad jump because now your body is forced to react in different directions. Once you come back from jumping to the left now you need to adjust and create power going to the right. This requires a great amount of core and body control.

Here is each exercise in real time!

Written By:

Robert Jost


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