The warm up:

We want you to find your range, to do that, we need to take steps to see what is realistic in theory as well as in application. It doesn’t matter what you were once able to do or what your best friend who lost 10% body fat in 3 weeks did. Create the right program for you.

The two principals Alpha
68 was created on:

The progression principal – Don’t compare where you were at “your” peak performance age. Progression – the idea that as your body adapts, you have to increase the intensity to continue to see enhanced performance. Notice it doesn’t say to start at your personal life’s peak level of performance. Often, people who were once in “great shape” try to revert back to the lifestyle they had at that time. They forget it took a certain amount of time to get to that level, expecting to get back there after an extended period of time and different circumstances/responsibilities is unrealistic.
The Principle of overload tells us: to progress and improve the body, the body must be under tension beyond what is normal. As we get older we spend more time being comfortable and less active. The excuse is “…my body is breaking down”. Taking the principle of overload into consideration, the actual issue is the regression. As the body stops moving or moves less, the range of movement and strength in that range declines. We take that as the body breaking down, while the real problem is that the body is no longer being challenged. Moving and moving effectively is the goal!

Why Alpha 68 will help you
find Stability and results:

When looking for a change it’s important to “Control what you can control”. Alpha 68 is a program of progression that allows for overload. In english, Alpha 68 is a starting point that helps you identify what you are capable of doing, in your current state. Then helps you create consistency of habit and then once there is consistency guides you to creating a more challenging program as necessary.

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Why Training Aspects?

Hockey performance is our specialty. Our commitment goes beyond the session in the training facility. Whether we are helping develop athleticism, focusing on the needs of the athlete to be more efficient on the ice or personally seeing how they are performing on the ice to see how the work off the ice is translating, we are dedicated to achieving success together. We are the home of the hockey player.