Hockey performance is based on the ability to take off with power, accelerate to a top speed quickly and change direction without losing a step. Skating, shooting, hitting, competing and enduring is the special touch Training Aspects provides for each of our athletes. Our goal is to help each athlete Unleash their true potential.

Choose discomfort over comfort

Intensity.. High performing athletes have been shown to push past the pain, get comfortable in the uncomfortable, blood, sweat and tears.. What many want and don’t see is the time it took for them to achieve that level of grit and determination. To develop an athlete to be able to find comfort in the uncomfortable there are stages of progression that must be satisfied.
Develop a setting of safety – physically and mentally to allow eahc individual progress into their inner beast!
No one likes discomfort. Those that understand the need for it choose it. To choose discomfort it’s important to know though challenging, you have support of the people around the athlete. The faith in knowing pushing to the elite level of intensity is more of fear of the unknown. Will my body break on me before I complete the task, will I fail in the attempt becoming a failure.. These are genuine thoughts of the developing athlete. TA does not promote vomiting, dizziness or pushing past pain. However, when an athlete develops that understanding of their body they begin to understand how far they can push and thought sometimes those things happen, it comes abc to the athlete being in control and testing the upper limits of their output.
The TA team is here for this process and procure an environment that allows the athlete to have confidence in what the coaches ask of them, the culture of the room and the support of the other athletes in the room. Support is step 1 of making sure the athlete is able to get results!
Once support is established, the athletes are able to commit %100 to the program… they believe.
You’re not on your own.. There are extremely talented athletes out there. Some may have been successful without a coach but depending on how much they listened and tried to learn is the level of greatness they were able to achieve. Once the support Level is established the athletes begin to trust the environment and allow the environment to raise them up. The support and familiarity with expectations and intentions will have the athletes testing their upper limits. And potential will be unleashed.
You can hate and love something at the same time, hate it at the moment but can’t wait to do it again!
The most underrated step of this process. If you live in the uncomfortable you better choose it and love it. The early developing ages building enjoyment and competition is the focus. Developing grit and trust with the coaches and other athletes in the environment. This allows for the greatest transition into developing that mental push, the ability to push past the superficial and unleash the inner strength that many see and try to adopt from the high end athletes. It is not just innate, it is/can be learned… in the right steps!

The Process

The process begins with a personal player assessment. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete we can direct the training needs of each person individually.
Once we identify needs we can then put a program together of what is needed to get the result we are looking for. The majority of our athletes start in a 1-1 program so we can take them through their individual needs.

1:1 Performance Training:

Identifying the athlete’s needs, allows us to help better understand the missing pieces that are needed for the athlete’s individual needs. Working 1:1 means 100% of the time scheduled is focused on the needs of the athlete. The details matter and training success starts with one on one training.

Small Group Training:

Continued development of individual needs with an increased competitive incentive.
1:1 needs are met! Graduation to small group training. The small group sessions are meant for individuals that have proven the ability to strive in the small group setting.

The small group allows for this interesting dynamic of the athletes , in the group, competing and pushing each other to get better in a controlled environment that the trainer, within this competitive atmosphere, still guides that high level of effort and compete to be productive and towards the needs of each individual’s goals. No matter how driven an athlete is, competition in the room creates that extra push, finding that deeper gear and pushing to a pace that wasn’t realized prior.

Within that discovery the coaches in the room help the athletes continue to develop their individual needs and keep the target of competition towards individual success.

Team Training:

Team building, maintenance and upkeep
Team Training focus: To Help the team perform at a high level

Team training: Varies from 1:1 and small group, The focus is to help the team as a whole compete at its optimal level. Team training consists of team building exercises, mobility with strength reinforcement to keep the athletes as fresh as possible and competition drills. There is very little individual specific work in these sessions, the focus is to maximize the season performance and enduring the grind of the season.

Why Training Aspects?

Hockey performance is our specialty. Our commitment goes beyond the session in the training facility. Whether we are helping develop athleticism, focusing on the needs of the athlete to be more efficient on the ice or personally seeing how they are performing on the ice to see how the work off the ice is translating, we are dedicated to achieving success together. We are the home of the hockey player.

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We train together, we compete, we push each other, we’re there for each other. The coaches, players and anyone else involved is dedicated to seeing everyone get better. Awards, banquets, zoom calls, podcasts, the TA fam culture is unique.