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TA Boxing is the medicine… Learn the art of boxing, Develop the mental strength and be a part of a community of individuals who want to elevate!

Unleash the inner animal: Boxing is more than punching and being punched. The ability to stay present under pressure , handle emotions under pressure, strategize,while under pressure. That inner animal needs medicine, boxing is that medicine.

The phsyical

Where many avoid discomfort, boxers move to discomfort. Knowing that there is a good chance of feeling pain a Boxer also knows the only way to win is by attacking the unknown. The confidence in one’s ability, creates a security and a calm.

The mental

In the mental arena, boxing is a sanctuary of focus, being present and guiding individuals away from the tumultuous seas of self-doubt, offering a haven of purposeful distraction. Allowing the confidence in one’s ability, without hesitation.

The community

Beyond the solitary pursuit, boxing unfolds a tapestry of connection. In the gym, a community of like-minded souls emerges, providing not just training partners but a support system that is truly earned through commitment, consistency and hard work.
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The TA System:

Not everyone is looking to spar and/or compete. With that in mind, We’ve created a system to assess each person’s needs and give them the best program for their desired results. In martial arts there is the belt system, TA Boxing has the hoodie system to make sure all are set on the right journey.

1 | The Grey Hoodie:

Just beginning the boxing experience or not interested in sparring. How to hold hands, throw punches , dodge, slip, pivot,get conditioned, this will be the focus of the training. No sparring.

2 | The Green Hoodie:

The fundamentals are there, and there is interest to spar. Green hoodie is situational drills with some controlled sparring. Workouts, conditioning are all involved.

3 | The Charcoal hoodie:

The fundamentals are there, the strategy, the desire to possibly compete and are clear for sparring. Drills, conditioning, movement is still an essential part.

4 | The Black hoodie:

Experienced boxer looking to continue to learn, teach, spar and be a part of the TA boxing community.

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We train together, we compete, we push each other, we’re there for each other. The coaches, players and anyone else involved is dedicated to seeing everyone get better. Awards, banquets, zoom calls, podcasts, the TA fam culture is unique.