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The magic “weight loss” Pill

New year's Resolution 2020

Continuation from last week’s article
If I said, take this pill. You’ll lose all the weight that you desire but the side effects are you’ll have trouble walking, the pill causes extra wear and tear on the knees and back problems. Would you make that trade?

The “Magic” Weight loss Pill:

weight loss exercises


Everyone is looking for it. Take the pill, lose weight and have true confidence in your physical appearance.  “Do I look fat in this dress” … guys know to stay away from that question. The problem is also seen within circles of guys. Just the other night I was sitting in a restaurant. I overheard four guys talking about “beach muscles” and how  one of the guys felt insecure taking of his shirt on the beach.  Physical appearance is the number one concern in our society, today. The assumption,  if a person looks good, then a person is healthy. Thus, people join gyms, hire personal trainers, join weight loss programs, and spend tons of money on fixing their appearance. Usually the cheaper the better! It’s simple, Calories in Vs. Calories out. Workout hard and burn an ample amount of calories, restrict your carb intake and overall calorie count then sit back and watch your body transform! Sound familiar?

It’s like a Rubik’s cube:

Rubik’s cubes can be annoying/are annoying! Did you ever start on one and, for us amateurs, complete one side of the Rubik’s cube and expect all the other sides to go back to their respected positions? Instead, one side is complete and the other 5 sides are mixed up…back to the drawing board! Yep it’s like that! There is more to creating a fitness program than just the physical appearance. Weight loss is important; on average about 30% of the states in the USA are obese. However, if you focus solely on weight loss/ appearance and participate in exercise programs which your body is not ready for, you are only completing one side of the Rubik’s cube.

You’re losing weight:

The various popular training programs (Gyms, crossfit, insanity, various group training classes) have available or create an overall training program which is performed by the masses. If the exercise is challenging and makes you sweat, it must be good!  You’re losing weight, you can lift more weight than you could before, run faster and longer, and you have more confidence! You continue down the path, it seems like it’s working!  Your back may hurt a little at night or your knee might act up but its only during certain movements… its ok! Just work through it!

Chasing the physique of your dreams:

The dream physique, each person is looking for, will evolve and no matter how physically appealing the person looks, in their own eyes there will always be at least one area which needs to be a little better. The knee begins acting up more often and there isn’t an understanding of why. The diet plan is followed unconditionally. Why aren’t the results following suit!?

Dead End:

The plateau demotivates you, the injuries, loss of range of motion, the discipline needed and lack of results. You fall off the wagon. Once the nagging injuries begin, it takes a good amount of energy, time and patience to correct. Part of the process is reorganizing the fitness program and using less weight.

Take a step back to take a leap forward:

The good news is, in the mapped out situation just mentioned, the magic pill is an action instead of a quick weight loss system. People are trying to get healthy! The problem is in the marketing and media realm. People follow tips from random “experts”  who are often trying to sell a product. In the next article we’ll break down the steps of how to truly become healthy! You may need to take a step back from whatever your current training program is but I promise that following the steps will bring you leaps and bounds forward. …

…To be continued…

Sneak peak question: The Training Aspecs cube of training consists of 6 sides, can you guess the 6?

Written By: Kirill Vaks

Fitness Specialist


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