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Training Aspects Boxing Belt System (Hoodie system)

Why the Belt System:

There are many martial arts disciplines, one of which, in our opinion, holds the most weight in belt ranking is jujitsu. Earning the belt comes with not just theory and ability to perform but the ability to apply, teach, and adapt. Having good technique is important, but having grit and the spirit of the warrior is extremely important. Not all belt colors are equal. A person with a black belt can vary in ability no matter the discipline; the credentials to earn the belt matter. The hoodie system is a way TA Boxing classifies its people to help develop the individual’s learning.

Grey Hoodie: New to boxing athlete

Just beginning the boxing experience or not interested in sparring. How to hold hands, throw punches, dodge, slip, pivot, get conditioned; this will be the focus of the training. No sparring.

Green Hoodie: developing boxing athlete

The fundamentals are there, and there is interest in sparring. Green hoodie involves situational drills with some controlled sparring. Workouts, conditioning, and all are involved.

Charcoal Hoodie: New to sparring but fundamentals look good athlete

The fundamentals are there, the strategy, the desire to possibly compete, and are clear for sparring. Drills, conditioning, movement are still essential parts.

Black Hoodie: Experienced Boxing athlete

Experienced boxer looking to continue to learn, teach, spar, and be a part of the TA Boxing community.

TA Boxing is meant for the developing athlete who wants to take their physical and mental abilities to the next level. To learn to use the body to be quick, powerful, and agile. Mentally, to help control emotions under stress and pressure and learn to push the body past the limits it is believed it had.

Training aspects TA Boxing for sports performance and building confidence

The goal of TA Boxing is to have a taste of the boxing/fighting world but not necessarily become an amateur or pro fighter. The world of boxing helps develop individuals on many levels even if competing is not in the future.

Join a community of people looking to test themselves mentally and physically, and learn how to use the mind and body as one powerful unit. The belt system helps identify the level of the athlete to create a sense of understanding of who is standing in front of you.

Written by:

Kirill Vaks CSC
Sports performance coach

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