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The little secret to fitness success was focused on introducing realistic lifestyle changes.  Fitness goals are not meant to be a sprint; they are a marathon.  If someone tells you that accomplishing your goal will be easy, you will pay for it in the long run.  I went onto further explain that your first month will be the toughest.  However, your body will adapt and mentally, you will seek out the challenge, and maybe even look forward to it, a little.  Now, nothing disappoints me more, than someone who  after putting in so much time and effort reverts back to their old habits.  That person’s goal is my goal.  They are a reflection of me.  Not only was their money spent and our time put forth, but the energy, the pain, the sweat, the tears (yep, sometimes), all gone!

This is where rest and relaxation is essential.  When you put a consistent amount of stress on the system (an extreme), the first time you fall off, miss a day, eat something you’re not supposed to, get sick etc., that healthy habit and lifestyle change will be lost.  The reason it’s lost is that it was never a lifestyle change.  You were adding an extreme change to the body that it will tolerate for a short period of time.  Think back to all of the diets and fitness programs you were a part of.  Most likely, you stayed disciplined for a week, a month, maybe six months, or even a year, but at some point, you lost it.  This is why it is so important to take small steps to achieving your fitness goal and actually making it a long-term lifestyle change instead of a short term lifestyle change.  Here is a great tool for success

1.  Have a day to refresh.

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Training: have at least one day, where you are actively recovering, stretching, foam rolling, in a Jacuzzi, and the like.   Then, make another day for yourself when you aren’t even thinking of training, meaning you are just enjoying regular daily activities.

Nutrition:  As I’ve said before, you have to create the habit.  The first month may need to be disciplined (depending on the goal) but after that, add a day where you enjoy a few meals, but make sure it is organized.  Have three specific meals throughout the week which are your cheats.

2.  Keep it fresh!

Training: Nothing will force you to burn out quicker than doing the same workout over and over again!  Not only will you be bored, but you’ll also have hit a plateau.  Change things around.  Maybe not every week, but at least once a month.  Challenge your body in different ways.

Nutrition: If you are eating the same foods every day and are only following a “diet”, you will burn out.  Follow a concept which is adjusted to your needs, not a diet.  This way, you are getting variety in your meals.  If you’re only eating chicken and brown rice every day, no wonder you gave up.  Don’t get bored; keep it fresh!   Have plenty of choices!

3.  Change your mindset.

Healthy fitness habits

Training and Nutrition: Referring back to a lifestyle change, think of it as normal instead of a training regimen.  Life throws curve balls, and our schedules and situations change.  Don’t think of working out or eating right as a luxury (it’s not); think of it as a necessity (because it is!).  When your schedule, environment, or situation changes, whether for a short period of time or for good, you can adapt with it.   For example, if you work out for an hour five days a week and your schedule changes to the point that you can no longer work out five days a week, don’t use the excuse “it’s all or nothing!”  Adapt with your new schedule.  Remember! we’re making lifestyle changes which are a  mind set, not strict regimen changes.

When you set your self up to succeed, success is inevitable! 

 By: Kirill Vaks
Fitness and exercise specialist
BA, CSCS, ACSM-cpt, NFPT-sns  

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