Miss New Jersey The Move – Look – Feel Scholarship

Miss New jersey 2018 scholarship

The Move – Look – Feel Scholarship 2018

Intro to the award
There are many ways to define a person who lives a healthy lifestyle. A person who lifts heavy weights three to four times a week and goes to the gym may consider themselves to be living a healthy lifestyle. Another person may do 30 minutes of cardio and core seven days a week and they make sure to watch what they eat here and there. The question is–which is considered healthy?

Training Aspects would like to add a lifestyle and fitness scholarship that focuses on some of the other areas of fitness. As an independent scholarship, we’d like to offer  two awards, to the girl that wins overall points and to one other girl who dominates in a category (to be announced on march 3rd).

Rules and Regulations

The competition begins March 3rd and will run through June 3rd, 2018.

There will be a meeting on March 3rd to discuss the scholarships. We ask that all girls attend this initial meeting to go over the awards and ask all the questions needed. If all are interested, this will also be the first testing day.

  1. To be eligible, you must be a 2018 local title holder.
  2. There will be one non refundable charge of $55 to enter.
  3. You must keep up in the Training Aspects app on how you are working on improving yourself.
  4. There will be 5 testing days available March 3th (start date orientation/assessment) then the results testing days (you only need to attend one of the last 4 in May to test out): Saturday May 26th, Sunday May 27th, Saturday June 2nd, Sunday June 3rd. 
  5. Testing must be completed at Training Aspects, located in Voorhees, NJ. 
  6. You may train yourself or use a trainer outside of Training Aspects.

How to Win

We will Test on:

  1. Body fat (found by 3pt Calipers)
  2. Muscular endurance (An example could be how many squats can you do in 3 minutes)
  3. Muscular strength (An example could be highest jumper)
  4. Flexibility (as defined by range of motion)
  5. Cardio (An example could be how far could you run in 12 minutes)
  6. Nutrition: logging and keeping up with it.
  7. An exercise to improve on (A challenging exercise with a set time frame to complete it in)
  8. Obstacle course: 3-5 exercises completed within a set time.

The top 3 in each category will get 3, 2 or 1 point. The girl with the best scores, will receive the Move look feel award on the Miss Nj stage. We will have the specific test exercises onMarch 3rd. The one constant is the 1-8 categories.

The award is meant to help better define what true health and fitness is. If you were to compare an elite marathon runner, to an elite gymnast or an elite basketball player you would see three very different body types.The award will hopefully increase your motivation to work on the various categories of fitness to increase your health and fitness as a whole. This will be the third year of the Move, Look, Feel award. We had a great time with it in the past couple years and we look forward to continuing the award in 2018. Please let us know by February 18th. If you are still competing for a local title, once you win, you will still be eligible to jump in.   

Kirill Vaks

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