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Top 3 Reasons for Lower Back Pain
and How to fix it!

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Do you wake up in the morning with a sore and achy back? Do you feel fatigued and stiff after sitting all day at your desk? Well, you’re not alone. Lower back pain is an epidemic across the United States. Almost 80% of Americans experience lower back pain on a daily basis. Here are three easy tips this personal trainer will share, that you can incorporate into any lifestyle:

Back pain reason 1: A weak core

Your core muscles involve, your abdominals, obliques, your lower back (erector spinae), along with several other smaller muscles. Your core’s main objective is to keep your torso and whole body in an upright position. If these muscles are weak you are most likely slouching and developing poor posture, which leads to increased back pain. The quick fix is to begin exercising. You should begin strength training as soon as possible! Focus on developing your weak core muscles (Core stability is a specialty for Training Aspects.) Here are a few exercises to incorporate in your workout, to increase core strength and decrease back pain : Plank, Quadroplex, Superman, Side plank.

Back pain reason 2: Flexibility

A lack of mobility and range of motion, Specifically, the hamstrings and hip flexors. The quick fix here is to begin incorporating a flexibility an

Back pain

d mobility routine into your daily schedule.  Just 5 to 10 minutes a day, to start seeing some noticeable improvements in your flexibility and decreased back pain. For your hamstrings, perform a sit an reach. Sitting on the ground and place your feet in front of you. Try to reach for your toes, to modify use a belt or strap to wrap around your feet and close the distance. Hold each position for 1-2mins, without pain, but you should feel the stretch. The butterfly stretch is also a beneficial stretch. It incorporates your hip flexors as well as increases posture strength, as long as you keep your shoulders retracted and abs engaged through the position.

Back pain reason 3: Poor posture

Poor posture stems from a weak core. This is mainly caused by muscle imbalances in your posterior and anterior chains or more plainly, front and back sides of your body. Most people have a very weak posterior chain and a tight anterior chain which leads to severe slouching and excessive leaning, which will contributes to your lower back pain. A properly developed workout plan should have an appropriate distribution of exercises to each muscle. Over developing a specific muscle may be fine in the short term for looks but it may affect your overall physical health in the long term.

 By: Robert Jost
Personal Trainer
NSCA-cpt, ACE-cpt

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