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Can’t find time to workout?

Can’t find time to workout?
Can’t find time to workout?

Finding time to prioritize our physical well-being often takes a back seat to the demands of work, family, and other commitments. The big struggle of “Can’t Find Time to Workout?” resonates with many, but it’s crucial to recognize that incorporating exercise into our routine is not just a luxury but a necessity. Let us delve into practical strategies and mindset shifts that can empower even the busiest individuals to carve out those important moments that keep us on track to accomplish our fitness goals. If you’ve ever felt the challenge of time constraints hindering your fitness goals, this guide is your roadmap to reclaiming those precious moments for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Establishing a Consistent Routine:

The notion of “Can’t Find Time to Workout?” often stems from the lack of a structured plan. However, by weaving exercise into the fabric of our daily lives and treating it as a non-negotiable aspect of our routine, this time slot becomes tangible. It can feel tedious crafting a consistent workout schedule that aligns with your lifestyle, but no one knows your schedule and lifestyle as well as you. We can designate specific days and times for exercise to gradually increasing the duration and intensity, building a routine not only fosters discipline but also transforms physical activity into an indispensable habit. There’s always the commitment of it but don’t overload your plate jumping into something too difficult to keep up with. You can always start small and make changes as you adapt to this new routine.

Accountability and Social Support:

When the clock never seems to be on your side, having a support system can make all the difference. Instead of stressing over making the time, talk to your friends  buddies, people who embody the lifestyle change you want, and the personal trainers who’ve got your back. Personal trainers are the fairy godparent, offering guidance and that extra push when needed without the hassle of figuring out what to do and how you’ll get there. They are a direct way to ensure you’re not just paying for their services but the results and change you want while also making a friend who will guide you there. And let’s not forget your squad – the friends, family, or online buddies who turn sweating it out into a group activity. So, if you’ve been dancing around the idea of a fitness journey alone, it’s time for partnerships and getting the help to boost you into the person you want to be.

Making Time for What Matters to You!:

Alright, let’s talk real life priorities. It’s time to flip the script and make time for the good stuff… you! I know how it feels to experience the guilt trips and the disappointment of “I was going to but….”. Putting what matters to you NEEDS to be front and center. It’s not just about squeezing in a workout; it’s about prioritizing your wellbeing, health, and happiness. Make time less for the unnecessary and embrace your essential wants and needs. You will be giving a big, bold shout-out to self-care. I know you’re tired of watching your workout goals play hide-and-seek, so let us get ready to make time for the things that truly light you up. It’s time you make those efforts into creating the better, happier, healthier you!

Written by:

Dan Aquino – ASFA-CPT

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