Get rid of these 4 personal training excuses

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Personal training Excuse #1

“How can you pay hundreds of dollars for a trainer?” You must be a selfish person- MONEY– This is often the issue. Having a trainer doesn’t have to be a huge expense. A quality trainer can develop a program for you and meet with you on a week, bi week or even monthly basis. They can track your goals progress and make sure the program you’re on is effective as well as challenging.  Yes, there is no arguing hiring a trainer is expensive but your health is worth it! Don’t ever quit because of your budget, there is an alternative route!

Personal training excuse #2

I have to study, I have to watch the kids,  I work all day – TIME – another popular excuse! Especially in the United States, everyone has a busy schedule.  Even a person with the busiest of schedules can find the time to work out. Workouts do not need to take up an hour of your day. There are various workouts that can take you 15 minutes and be more effective than most of the workouts in circulation, as well as performed in the comfort of your own home. Time should never be an excuse.

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Personal training excuse #3

Everyone loves taking the first step and purchasing, that tread mill, gym membership, or personal trainer, that’s the honeymoon phase! It’s all new and exciting! The problem is when you realize you have to stick with it. –COMMITMENT-  Most of the money fitness centers make is off people who sign up, use the gym for a month and then show up possibly once every other month.  Or you can look at the amount of people who use their $2,000 tread mill as a convenient place to hang their clothes.  Taking the first step is great! But then it’s important to continue forward and never look back. Yes! That first step you took means it’s a change  for the rest of your life! Make it fun, find what you enjoy and realistically adapt it into your life style. If you have a trainer and you’re begin to get bored with the same old workouts, communicate that to your trainer.  Don’t just quit! From a trainer’s view point, there are few things more sad than a client taking huge strides forward, in their results and health overall, then see them a couple months later revert back to their old habits. “No fear! just commit, but realistically!” 

Training Aspects the weight loss, fitness and performance personal trainer facility of the best.Personal training excuse #4

It’s too hard!- DIFFICULTY- Yes, training can be and should be challenging.  Especially when you start! you have to, not only, learn the technique but you have to learn the attitude! The harder you push through your workout the greater the euphoria at the end of the workout. One of my favorite quotes, “the reward is in the journey”.  Start off learning the proper technique and then learn the mentality and exercising will always be a part of your life. “Dig deep!” you can do it!

By: Kirill Vaks
Fitness and exercise specialist
BA, CSCS, ACSM-cpt, NFPT-sns  

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