3 tips for summer

3 tips for summer

 3 tips for summer- Personal training success

It’s June, school is almost out, the weather is beautiful, days are longer and schedules are going to start changing. Whether your goal is a perfect beach body or to get better for your next sports season, pay attention to the following 3 tips and get moving to a successful, relaxing and yet accomplished summer.

Tip 1: Get into a habit of meal prepping (the nutritional aspect)

Meal Prep Advice

Start loving to meal prep! Between grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, the total amount of prep time is 2.5 hours (once a week).  The majority of cafes, drive throughs and restaurants are over priced and have few choices, especially by the beach. By meal prepping, you will take control of not only what is going into your body but you’ll take control of your wallet (yes, we’re also money managers here at Training aspects ;)!

Tip 2: Adventure runs and body weight exercises  (the physical aspect)

When schedules change, often, workouts are the first to suffer. Transition periods are a killer. Take the pressure off yourself but stay productive. If you’re not sure if you can get to the gym, complete a 15-30 minute body weight workout or adventure run. Body weight workouts can be as simple as completing a few of the following exercises within that 15-30 minute time frame; push ups, planks, squats, crab walk, and mt. climbers. If you’re more of a runner, add obstacles/ exercises into your runs. As you run, complete jump squats, bear crawls, sprints with back pedals, and shuffles. It’ll take care of your “running kick” and add a greater resistance component. Working out doesn’t need to be a process (at least not to start ). It can be done anywhere. Transitional periods in schedules are usually the times that people fall off their fitness lifestyle. Instead of making excuses for why you don’t have time, simplify the process until the schedule settles down.

Tip 3: Not “NO” just not at this time. (the mental aspect)

Saying “No, I’m on a diet” to any loved one, friend, or acquaintance only entices them to follow up with “but I made this specially for you!” or “It’s good to have a cheat day” etc. Don’t motivate people to test your willpower and you may also be insulting them without even realizing it.  The more you’re tested, the easier to fall off. Instead, make it a lifestyle change. “Thank you for offering me that ice cream cake, it is my favorite. However, currently I’m not interested.” …. “ok, if you want some later feel free to have some” Everyone wins. The person who offered doesn’t feel rejected or insulted, your will power isn’t tested and mentally you don’t create the “red button” situation.  It’s all a mindset.

Article By:
Kirill Vaks

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