Unleash the Potential Podcast: Episode 1- Scott McKay 12 Take aways

Unleash the Potential Podcast, is here to help hockey players, parents and the hockey community get a better sense on how to help the athletes develop and achieve their goals in the hockey world and help transition those successes and failures into positives in the next chapter of their life. The stories will feature, coaches, scouts, players, parents, trainers, various experts all to hopefully bring information and experiences to help the community. It is not meant as advice, each person’s situation may be different.

Episode 1- Scott McKay 12 Hockey development Take aways

The head coach and organization president:

Scott started as a Jv B coach in 2000 and quickly moved not only the coaching ranks but the administration side as well. By 2009 became the president of the organization and head coach of the varsity team.

President Vs coach:

The job of coach, focus of about 17 players and at the job of president, 40 plus players plus the duties of running an organization,  being able to deal with concerns of parents, players, coaches and continuing the building process of the organization. Often the two jobs collide.  Scott, however, has been able to balance both and keep the teams focused on winning.

Developing talent to continue to winning culture:

Having a great feeder program has been essential for the Cherokee organization. Most players start in the Marlton street hockey league. By the time middle school comes around the players interested move into the middle school hockey program, for stage 2 of development. By the time they get to 8th grade they begin transitioning to the high school level. Besides the development of the players , Coach Scott mentions the importance of creating an organization of value and fun. Have players want to be a part of the program.

You control effort, give 100% :

If you’re talented and you don’t give effort, you most likely won’t make it. Work on progressing your abilities every step of the way. The one ability you do control is your effort.

 Playing time, players earn it :

The Cherokee coaches want you to take risks without hesitation. If there is a mistake, they’ll let you know and then it’s the players job to correct it.

How to get benched :

From the last point, pick your head up, don’t hesitate to make a play. However, if you continue to make the same play after being told contnuosly that’s the wrong play… your playing time will most likely be cut. Have an open line of communication with the coaches.

Approach a coach :

Parents looking to approach a coach. Make sure you’re not heated give it 16-24hrs if you’re heated. look at it from both sides. Could there be a reason why the player isn’t getting as much time?  As with anything in life don’t go into a conversation angry. It probably won’t be very effective.

Bench etiquette:

Whether you’re the best player or the not so best player, bench etiquette is every player job. Keep it positive and if a mistake is displayed, ask the player questions about it instead of degrading the player. Win, lose, tie.. keep the bench energy upbeat, teams have come back from worse!

Compete to play:

The chiefs are one of the top teams, if you a player wants to make it, have to compete! Stay in front of the coaches, show the work ethic, development, mind set, show the value you can bring. The organization wants to win, you don’t make it, keep working there is a good reason.

Player thoughts:

There are no guarantees, figure out how to continue to progress. Off ice training, on ice training, mental training, nutrition etc. continue to develop.

Organization tips:

Create a board that has the least bias possible. Develop a board that is looking to stay on whether they have kids in the program or not. To accomplish a plan time is needed, if there is no consistency no plan will have enough time to become successful.

Transition next level :

The next level, is faster, stronger, more experienced. What can you bring to the table? Know your strengths and continue to develop those bright spots.

Written By:

Kirill Vaks


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