Personal Training special Cherry Hill

Training Aspects Personal Training Fall Special

Training Aspects Personal Training Fall SpecialsPersonal Training special Cherry Hill

The summer has come and gone! The fall schedule is back. It gets darker earlier, hoodies and sweaters are finding their way out of the closets, School is back! We’re a few weeks into September, lets start New year’s resolutions early this year.

For some extra motivation and a quick start  on your
weight loss, get lean and perform better goals, Training Aspects is offering:

3 -45minute Personal training sessions Only $89!

 That’s almost 50% off! Have a Training Aspects  personal trainer or sports performance coach develop a goal specific program that is meant for your individual needs! This way you can achieve the results you are looking for! Remember, there is no cookie cutter approach to training! Each person has a different needs even if they have the same weight loss goals. If you ahven’t been able to achieve the results you have always wanted and have worked with various personal trainers and/ or have bought tapes/ dvds created for the masses. Training Aspects personal training program is for you! Try it now!

2 -45minute Partner/ Small group training sessions only $60!

That’s right! Up to 4 people per small group session and you split the $60 across the group. If you come in with 3 people you pay a total of $15 each, for 2- 45 minute sessions! Partner or small group personal training session are a financially effective as well as goal effective way of achieving your goals. Usually it is most effective if each person has the same personal training goal, however, training sessions may have varied training experience per person.A Training Aspects personal trainer is up to the challenge! Group session benefits, besides financial, are great for the motivation within the group during small group training sessions, as well as the healthy competitive spirit that is created outside of the sessions. Each person wants to see results, as well as see the group succeed. So when you’re out you have a support buddy! If you’re looking for extra motivation and reinforcement this may be the best package for you! Make it fun, we’ll help!

We look forward to meeting with you and helping you achieve your envisioned success!


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Training Aspects Personal Training and Sports Performance:

Training Aspects’  personal trainers and sports performance coaches want you to accomplish your goals. You, as the personal training client, are a reflection of our personal training and group training methods! We are here to help you accomplish all of your personal training goals!  Our main training focus are people looking to increase performance, lose weight , lose body fat and increase lean muscle. Whether you live in Cherry HillHaddonfield,Marlton, or any of the other surrounding areas we are here to help you Move, Look and feel as you’ve always desired…

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