monkey like a ninja warrior

Training Aspects Ninja Tip! How to Monkey Bar like a Monkey!!

Ninja tip: Training Aspects Ninja Personal trainer:

There are plenty of different ways to go through monkey bars!
Method 1-
The first step is to try “matching”. Matching just means that you continuously put one hand out first to grab the next bar, and then bring the other hand to the same bar. This method is the easiest on your grip strength & skin on your hands, as your momentum doesn’t carry you much.
For instance, right & left hand on bar 1, right hand to bar 2, left hand to bar 2, right hand to bar 3, left hand to bar 3, etc

Method 2-
Each time you reach one hand out and grab 1 bar, then reach the next hand to the bar following that. For instance, right hand on bar 1, left hand on bar 2, right hand on bar 3, etc.

Method 3-
Use your grip strength, momentum, shoulder ability, & confidence to swing through the bars & akip 1, then try 2, then 3, then skip, 4, etc.

Method 4-
However you want! Anything you can brew up! lache through them, go backwards, go lateral, bunny hops, 1 hand!

How many ways can you come up with to get through monkey bars?! Tag us ?@trainingaspectsperformance548  with your ideas!

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