Swing like a ninja warrior

Training Aspects Ninja Tip! How to Build a Swing!

Do you want to learn how to fly?!?!
So do I!
I don’t know how(yet) but I do know how to generate a trapeze swing! So I can teach you that! This instruction goes for when you are forward facing, likely with 2 hands on a single apparatus or obstacle!
There are 3 elements to generate this type of swing:
1) Hang from the bar. When you start the process, give a pull down(like you would doing a pull up) & kick your legs out as high as you can!
2) Once you’re elongated, come to a complete hang, totally relaxed!
3) As your body swings backwards, pull your knees up to your chest!

None of these movements have to be super explosive! As long as your timing is right, you will continue to build the swing!
These 3 elements are key to get you swinging from obstacle to obstacle!

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