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Top 3 Ways to Increase Hockey Speed

Hockey Speed Training

Hockey is a game of speed! There is no doubt about that, but what is the best way to increase hockey speed? The typical go to’s include ladder drills, agility training or just doing exercises faster. These can have a benefit and increase speed but how much speed can you really gain with these? It all comes down to the 3 basic principles were going to break down for you to finally unleash the hockey speed you’ve been working so hard to achieve!

Hockey Speed Tip 1: Stability

Improve Stability to Increase Speed:

Everyone wants to get right into the fancy speed stuff to get faster, makes sense…but what you might not think about is how stable your body is that you’re trying to create speed with? Trying to create speed and explosiveness on a shaky/unstable frame will only get you so much faster, if at all, and will lead to limited results or potential injury!

Instead try increasing your overall stability first with these 3 exercises

Hockey Speed Tip 2: Weight Transfer

Learn how to transfer your weight effectively:

Weight transfer, sounds great…but what does it actually mean? It’s your body’s understanding of how to shift its weight in all planes of movement. This includes side to side movement, forward and backwards, as well as rotational. This sums up hockey, you are constantly changing direction and shifting your weight quickly in every possible direction you can imagine. If you train one dimensional in the gym, you’ll be one dimensional on the ice. Train to be strong and efficient in every direction and you’ll be faster in every direction!

Try these 3 weight transfer exercises to get faster on the ice.

Hockey Speed Tip 3: Movement Potential

Maximizing your Movement to Increase Speed:

Movement potential is maximizing your movements to get the most potential out of them! This means ensuring you get full extension through your strides and making sure every muscle fires properly to increase how much power and ultimately speed you can output! Not only will your movements be more powerful and speedier but also more efficient! Which leads to more energy saved, allowing you skate faster and harder for much longer!

Try these 3 Movement maximizing exercises.

Speed can be gained but only as far as these 3 principles will take you. If one of these are lacking, your attempts to increase speed will only go so far.  Master your stability, weight transfer and movement potential to unlock endless speed gains!


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