Sports performance seminar for The Scranton Knights

Training Aspects of Voorhees,Nj visit Scranton Knights, a High School Football team, for a Sports performance seminar.

July 26, 2013. Voorhees, NJ based fitness and performance specialist Kirill Vaks CSCS of Training Aspects. Took a trip to Scranton, PA to conduct a sports performance seminar on strength, power and speed. He met with the 11-1 Scranton Knights football team. Prior to the seminar the team was in the process of completing their daily strength and conditioning program, developed by coach Joe Gorton their defensive backs coach, as well as strength and conditioning coach. The Knights’ weight room had a great workout atmosphere and Coach Gorton has helped instill a great work ethic and discipline into his players. Performance on the field starts in the weight room!

The team was called to bring it in and the sports performance seminar began. On the agenda was strength, power and speed in sports and how the hips play a major role in optimal performance. After Kirill spoke on various aspects of power, strength and speed, he proceeded to demonstrate a few training techniques that are great for maximizing potential on the field. The examples consisted of unilateral and bilateral exercises meant to develop and balance out optimal body performance. Battle ropes and Kettlebells had a great response and are always a staple in any Training Aspects program.

The Knights are a winning organization, great coaches and staff, great facilities, and dedicated young players. They are always looking for an edge on their competition and Training Aspects is happy to help them stay on the cutting edge with their sports performance program. Training Aspects would also like to congratulate Coach Gorton with his new position as defensive coordinator and strength and conditioning coach with the Pittston Patriots!

Scranton football team Thanks sports performance seminar

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