Performance training equipment for the developing athlete

Should you use this equipment?

Advanced fitness equipment  

I am very often asked by athletes as well as people looking to lose weight, about adding a weight vest/ ankle weights to their workouts.  My answer:

Performance training equipment for the developing athlete


When using a weight vest, ankle weights, resistance bands, parachutes, sleds etc.  They can all be effective ways of increasing stride length, Stride frequency, foot speed and increase overall ability to endure. However, these are advanced technique, meaning the program must be properly organized.

Top 3 misconceptions:

Sports performance misconception #1

Too Much weight– adding too much weight, can actually decrease productivity of the workout.  Like every other exercise when you add too much weight you lose technique and especially with these tools technique is everything.

Sports performance misconception #2

Understand goal of Equipment–  We’ll use the resistance bands in this situation, The bands will decrease your total running speed, but increase the amount of strides you will complete.  Meaning you will be working hard to overcome the resistance but you will not be going as fast, allowing you to focus on the technique! Work the technique of the exercise so when you run without it your form is more efficient!

Sports performance misconception #3

Full workout completed without real body weight– When  you complete  a few sets do the exercise with your own body weight. Example, 2 sets with ankle weights at least 1 set without ankle weights and focusing on as many foot touches as possible! This is one goes specifically to ankle weights and weight vests. I’ve seen people put 10lbs on each ankle and workout.  Though you may get stronger, you are decreasing your foot speed!

Athlete training for the developing athlete. Strength and conditioning near you

People looking to lose weight :

If it’s going to make you happy use the equipment. However, its really not needed as you begin your weight loss journey. Your body is already working with extra weight adding more is not the answer.  These pieces of equipment are advanced techniques which are meant for increased performance in a specific area.

Athlete performance training

When using advanced techniques, get in touch with a fitness professional to help you organize a plan and achieve optimum results! When you do it right the first time you save future frustration!

By: Kirill Vaks
Fitness and exercise specialist
BA, CSCS, ACSM-cpt, NFPT-sns 

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