Personal Trainer’s Top 5 Reasons to Start Using Battle Ropes Today!

Top 5 Reasons to Start Using Battle Ropes Today!

battle ropes

Battle ropes are a hot topic these days in the training and personal training field. It’s not a fad, battle ropes are a very effective way of training. Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider adding battle ropes to your workout regimen.


Personal Trainer reason #1: 

Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption – Battle ropes are a form of high intensity interval training. With high intensity training comes an “afterburn” effect. After intense exercise your body consumes higher amounts of oxygen than normal. This leads to an increase in metabolism and burned calories!

Personal Trainer Reason #2:

Increase full body power and cardiovascular endurance – Battle ropes are great for increasing full body power as well as cardiovascular endurance. The quick powerful movements increase power and strength throughout the whole body. The intense intervals with shorter rest periods will increase cardiac output and endurance.

Personal Trainer Reason #3

They are low impact – Even though battle ropes can be very intense the impact on the joints are minimal if any at all! This is great for anyone with joints problems that wants to increase their intensity without putting extra wear and tear on their joints.

Personal Trainer Reason #4

Can benefit sport specific athletes – Many of the battle rope exercises can be translated into sport specific movements to increase performance. Some athletes that can benefit from battle rope training are hockey players, football players, and MMA fighters.

Personal Trainer Reason #5

You need a change up in your workout – If you dread going to the gym, using the same old weights and machines then battle ropes could be the perfect change up you’re looking for. Not only are they very fun to use but are also a great way to blow off some steam after a tough day at work!

If you are looking to try out battle ropes you can purchase them at most sporting good stores, they can get a bit pricey though. Another option is to check out a local training studio that specializes in battle rope training and have a professional show you the ropes!

Written By: Robert Jost, NSCA-cpt, ACE-cpt

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