Personal Trainer Quick Tip! Is Magnesium the Key to Calcium Absorption?


Personal Trainer Quick Tip

Is Magnesium the Key to Calcium Absorption?


Many people are increasing their calcium intake to improve bone health and stave off arthritis and osteoporosis. One would think, but the real culprit responsible for these issues could be magnesium. Magnesium plays a vital role in the amount of calcium that is actually absorbed and used by the body. Over the years we have become more and more deficient in magnesium. Which in turn is reducing our ability to properly absorb calcium and increase bone strength, causing bone related health issues. A good ratio to follow for maximal absorption is 2 to 1 in favor of calcium. So if your calcium intake is 1000 mg for the day, ensure you get around 500 mg from magnesium. This will promote proper bodily function and possible decrease your risk for bone related health issues! For foods high in these minerals check out our other quick tips!

 Written By: Robert Jost NSCA-cpt, ACE-cpt

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