Personal Trainer Discusses Foam Rolling! What It Is, Its Benefits, and How to Use It?


Personal Trainer Discusses Foam Rolling!

What It Is, Its Benefits, and How to Use It?

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Foam Rolling has been gaining popularity in the fitness community as well as the general public.  This is for a good reason.  Foam rolling can provide many great benefits for the body.  The benefits vary from increases in range of motion to reductions in muscle soreness.  Today we will discuss what foam rolling is, the benefits of rolling, and how to use a roller efficiently.

What Is Foam Rolling?

Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) stretching technique.  Essentially, a self-massage.  This is a very simple, yet effective stretching technique.  This method is used to release muscle tightness or trigger points.  By applying pressure to the trigger points (very tight areas) via the foam roller, you can release the knots that have built up in your muscles over time.  Releasing these knots and tightness can improve many aspects of your exercise routine and sports performance.

Benefits of Foam Rolling!

Foam rolling can provide a host of benefits to your body and performance.

¸ Correction of muscle imbalances

¸ Muscle relaxation

¸ Improved joint range of motion

¸ Reduced soreness and improved muscle tissue recovery

¸ Improved neuromuscular efficiency

¸ Reduction in trigger point sensitivity and pain

¸ Decreased neuromuscular hypertonicity (muscle tension)

¸ Promotes optimal length-tension relationships in the muscles

How To Use a Foam Roller?

If you have never seen or used a foam roller before, getting started can be tricky.  Once you get started, though, it is a simple piece of equipment to use.  The most common way of foam rolling is by placing the roller on the ground and laying the tight muscles overtop of the roller.  You roll back and forth over the muscle feeling for trigger points.  You want to focus on the trigger points by continuously rolling over these points.  You want to spend at least 30 to 90 seconds on each muscle.  The best times to use a foam roller is before static or dynamic stretching to warm the muscles and improve flexibility.  Also, it can be done as a cool down post-workout.  This can reduce muscle soreness in the following days.

Common Foam Rolling Techniques!

back rollerMid to Upper Back

low back roller-2Lower Back

it rollerIT (Illiotibial) Band

hamstring roller

calf roller-1Calves
quad rollerQuadriceps

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