Not feeling it today? Try these tips on still crushing your workout

Not feeling it today? Try these tips on still crushing your workout

Not Feeling it Today? Try These Tips on Still Crushing Your Workout

Not feeling it today? Try these tips on still crushing your workout

Ever had those days when just the thought of working out feels like a chore, and the couch is calling your name louder than your motivated self? We’ve all been there but don’t worry; skipping a workout isn’t the only option. This article will be your go-to guide for shaking off the “not feeling it” vibes and still conquering your workout goals. From low energy slumps to mental roadblocks, I have some tips that will have you turning the dial from “meh” to “let’s do this!” Learn some methods to kick that lazy feeling to the curb and feel prepared to fight back on that urge to skip.

Set a Specific Goal for The Session:

When figuring out the type of a workout feels more daunting than enticing, setting a specific goal for the session can be your secret weapon to turn things around. Instead of approaching your exercise routine with a vague sense of obligation, pinpoint a clear and achievable objective. It could be as simple as completing it in a certain timeframe, basing it around maintenance, or even getting in some active rest. By giving your workout a purpose, you transform it from a mundane task into a purposeful aid to your overall goals. This not only focuses your efforts but also infuses a sense of accomplishment into each session.

Create a Pre-Workout Ritual:

Sometimes, the key to crushing your workout lies in the preparation leading up to it. Creating a pre-workout routine serves as a mental and physical primer, signaling to your body that it’s time to shift gears. Whether it’s blasting your favorite energizing playlist (one of my favorite methods), indulging in a quick dynamic stretch, and/or savoring a nice cup of coffee, these rituals become your personal prelude to action. They act as a bridge between the burdens of the day and the intensity of your workout, providing a fitting psychological cue that it’s time to focus and get after it. Your chosen routine will not only add a touch of consistency to your overall fitness journey but also serves as a huge motivator. It won’t always be easy to keep it going but treating your wellbeing and creating this ritual will remind yourself of who you truly want to be.

Vary Your Workouts:

Repetition is a big factor that leads to boredom and decreased motivation in your workouts. By introducing diversity, you create a big game-changer that keeps exercising interesting and enjoyable. Switch up your exercises, re-evaluate your goals and create different workouts to achieve them, or venture into new workout formats. This not only keeps things interesting but also challenges your body in unique ways, preventing it from hitting a plateau. By embracing variety, you’ll discover renewed enthusiasm whether it’s trying a new sport, incorporating bodyweight exercises, or experimenting with high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Change The Intensity:

Adjusting the intensity of your workout can be a strategic move to ensure you still get the job done. On days when fatigue weighs heavily, consider lowering the intensity while maintaining consistency. Try a lighter set of weights or a gentler pace during cardio. The key here is not to let the momentum fade completely. On the flip side, consider a shorter, high-intensity approach. Increase the intensity by pushing for higher weights, incorporating explosive movements, or reducing rest intervals between sets. This way, you’re trading duration for intensity, ensuring a swift and efficient workout that still leaves you feeling accomplished.


Written by:

Dan Aquino – ASFA-CPT


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