Kip like a ninja warrior

Ninja Warrior Tip! How to Kip!

TA Ninja Tip! What’s a Kip?!


 What is a Ninja Kip?

Kipping is a way of getting more power out of your entire body while performing ninja moves. You use your knees, hips, and arms to throw your body up explosively, this will increase your overall power output and efficiency on ninja obstacles!

Have you ever seen Superman do obstacles with a strange accent?

Here are some tips on kipping, when to use it, and how to properly use it

To begin the process of learning a kip, you’ll have to hang from a bar. Let your body fully dangle! Once you’re ready, drive your knees straight up, while simultaneously pulling down on the bar, in order to project your body upward!

Once you’ve successfully performed this movement, your body will rise up a few inches & you will essentially be floating or weightless for a moment! Once you feel that, you’re able to make your move! Whether it’s a muscle up, salmon ladder move, dyno, or just a kipping pull up, your technique is very similar.

3 Great Obstacles to Practice Ninja Kips

  1. Flying Monkey Bars
  2. Salmon Ladder
  3. Muscle Ups

A ninja kip is a very tough move to master but once you can synchronize the body movements involved it will open up a whole new level of ninja performance!

Stay tuned for more ninja performance tips and tricks!

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