Miss New Jersey 2014

The New Miss New Jersey 2014: Cierra Kaler-Jones

After an action packed weekend on the ocean city boardwalk,  Training Aspects would like to congratulate the new Miss New Jersey, Cierra Kaler-Jones. Cierra After countless months of preparation and a weekend of intense competition, can enjoy a few days to celebrate and take it all in! However, the work is not yet done! By winning the Miss New Jersey pageant, Cierra will now compete in the Miss America pageant in September. The Training Aspects team was in the  crowd all three days and the intensity and passion Cierra gave off when she was on stage was very impressive. She was not only graceful on stage but gracious in victory, as the other contestants had nothing but praise, truly showing her beauty inside and out. Training Aspects is the official trainer of Miss New Jersey  2014 and look forward to helping prepare Cierra to win the Miss America Crown.

Training Aspects Miss New Jersey 2014

Congratulations Cierra Kaler-Jones!

Miss New Jersey in the air

Cierra in the air during her performance.

We would also Like to Congratulate all the girls for all the hard work they put into the pageant all year but also the amount of time they put into their communities. The girls of the Miss New Jersey program are a special group.

The miss new jersey  2014 contestants

Top 5 Miss new jersey

Top 5 on stage:  Brenna Weick, Cierra Kaler-Jones, Sandra Okuboyejo, Lindsey Giannini, Devon Vanderslice.
(Names from left to right)