Knee pain, No problem!

Knee Pain, Still want to workout?!

When your goal is to lose weight but you can’t do much with the lower body due to knee pain, results seem impossible.  Doing cardio on machines may hurt during the exercise, but what’s worse is that the extra wear and tear can actually have more negative impact in the future.  Implementing cardio through resistance training also causes problems since your largest muscle groups can’t be activated through squatting or lunging, due to the knee pain.   Whether your knee pain stems from a legitimate knee injury (ACL tear, no cartilage in your knee etc.) or your knee pain, as stated in the last article, is from underdeveloped areas which need more focus, your goal is to lose weight.

The solution is Kettlebells!  What could be more exciting and effective than swinging a bell!?  (For me personally, there is nothing more exciting.)  True kettlebell exercises are power exercises.  In other words, by the definition of power, maximizing work performed per unit of time, by incorporating more muscles, you increase the amount of work done.  Simply, power exercises force you to do more work than regular exercises, thereby yielding more energy used, or more calories burned.  You may be asking how this helps bypass the knee pain.  Power exercises incorporate your whole body, which all stems from the hips.  The kettlebell exercises use minimal knee bending!


Here are the top 4 Kettlebell exercises (for beginners) .

1. The Kettlebell swing: all Kettlebell exercises are based off of the swing.  A Whole body ensemble!
Click Picture to see video 

Click picture to see exercise! start at 1min 40 seconds

2. The Kettlebell swinging high pull: a very effective exercise with the base principles from the swing, but have a stronger focus on your back and posterior deltoids as well.
Click Picture to see video  

Click picture for the high pull. Start video at 5mins 16 seconds

3. The Kettlebell clean: Use a challenging bell! Remember you should not be able to bicep curl as much weight as you can perform with the clean.
Click Picture to see video 

Click picture to see the clean

4.  The Kettlebell snatch:the most advanced of the three others named.  The snatch is based off of the high pull with a smooth vertical transition.
Click Picture to see video  

Click to see the Kettlebell snatch

**Make sure to learn from a qualified kettlebell instructor for best results and experience.**

By: Kirill Vaks
Fitness and exercise specialist
BA, CSCS, ACSM-cpt, NFPT-sns 

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