Is Body Movement Training The Next Big Thing?

Is Body Movement Training The Next Big Thing?

What is Body Movement Training?

Body movement training can be summed up to pretty much any type of body movement done efficiently: running, walking,  jumping, bounding, rolling, cartwheels. These movements are already found in some fitness programs, but are they being done properly? And are they being worked on and perfected?

Hasn’t Body Movement Always Been a Thing?

It was a thing! Unfortunately, most people don’t move efficiently or often, leading to poor body mechanics and posture. This then leads to pain and potential injury. The vast majority of people are sitting behind desks for 8+ hours a day, followed by a few more hours in the car and on the couch to finish out the day. Our actions create habits and a habit of poor posture and inactivity doesn’t transfer well to healthy movement.

How Can I Make My Body Move More Efficiently?

Stop sitting so much, start there! For every hour you sit, make it a rule to at least get up and move around for 5 minutes. Do get a better idea of your body’s movement needs. Come in for a movement assessment. An assessment can pinpoint the body compensations and muscle imbalances developed over the years. These imbalances can come from various every day habits. You have a Desk job and aren’t very active. You play sports or have played sports and have developed imbalances because of the repetitive sporting movements. You’re an avid gym goer and have poor movement habits that lead to you doing the exercises incorrectly. Whatever it may be a movement assessment can help find the fix.

What is a Movement Assessment?

A movement assessment typically starts with a squat assessment. From this squat assessment every joint and muscle movement can be seen. Compensation patterns and muscle imbalances are determined. From there the most productive workout program can be put together to get your body moving more efficiently and in less pain! Now the true body movement training program begins!

Where Can I Get An Assessment?

More facilities are providing movement assessments than ever before, which is great for the future of body movement training, but not all assessments are created equal. Just make sure you do your homework on the place and find out if they do a movement assessment. If you live in the South Jersey area or want to complete an online movement assessment and suggestions on how to improve, we would be happy to help.

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