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How Training Builds Confidence on the Ice

Confidence on the ice

Confidence can seem like it comes out of nowhere sometimes, but it’s usually a combination of proper preparation and putting in the work!  Getting stronger physically can obviously have huge effect but also mentally how a player perceives himself can sometimes be the biggest thing holding them back. We’ll breakdown where a player can build their confidence the most to truly start unleashing their potential!

Mental Fortitude

Many times we hold our selves back because mentally we don’t believe in ourselves or we think the other team or player is bigger, stronger and faster than us but sometimes this is just a mental block. We’ve seen kids confidence skyrocket after just a few sessions! Although you could gain some strength and skill in that time that’s definitely more of a mental boost of confidence! This could be a one time mental confidence boost, but consistently training will keep your confidence high knowing that your are primed and ready to take on any situation no matter the circumstances!

Training Aspects is the home of the hockey player hockey trainingBattle Tested

The ability to find comfort in the uncomfortable is everything! And that is what we look to instill in all our athletes through our training. We don’t encourage wearing a hoodie for nothing! The battle you have to go through of being uncomfortable while wearing a hoodie in the heat of the summer while pushing through a workout is like non other! Safety is always number 1 when wearing a hoodie in our training program but the mental grit and confidence that comes from being battle tested through training with a hoodie on truly prepares you for the really tough situations! There is just something different about being battle tested like our athletes are that prepares you take on any game situation with poise and strength knowing you can conquer and crush it!

Strength and Physical Readiness

This is an obvious one but through a proper training program you build strength, speed and the ability for your body to endure more for longer! When improving your body’s well being, a sense of increased confidence definitely starts to show. Increasing all of these attributes among others help you feel ready to take on anything in the game. When your body feels strong and ready, you feel ready! This leads to a sustained increase in confidence and a huge increase in overall performance!

If you’re looking to skyrocket your confidence and take your game to the elite level start to really focus on and incorporate these aspects into your off-season program! We are always here if you need any help or guidance on how to create a better off-season program so you know you’re getting the most out of it!

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