Hire the right personal trainer Voorhees!

Looking to hire a Personal trainer in Voorhees, Nj? Here are 5 tips:

1. Looks may be deceiving- Okay, it is important for the person to practice what they preach. However, just because they have the abs you want or the biceps you want, does not mean they will be able to help you achieve success or more preserve your health. Because it worked for Personal training success planthem does not mean it will work for you.1 plan for success does not fit all!
2. Experience Vs. Education. Yes, having all the knowledge in the world does not make you a great personal trainer; however beware of a personal trainer who creates programs off of the ” well it worked for me, so it’ll work for you” approach, or the ” well bodybuilder.com says _______”  approach. Personal training is an investment in your health not just your looks so get the most out of your personal trainer!

3. Certifications and education (Up to date!). Before I start this section, make sure your personal trainer keeps their certification up to date, or is consistently reading scientific based journals. 10 year old information can be the difference between 2 months and 8 months of achieving a personal training goal, as well as injuries. This portion is a follow up on  the second tip. I once interviewed a girl who passed the exam for a respectable personal training certification. She came in and had some of the basic knowledge a personal trainer should have, however, she was unable to demonstrate some basic exercises. Your personal trainer should have at least 1 of the following personal training certifications, ACSM-cpt, NSCA-cpt, NASM-cpt. The top certification in the field for strength and conditioning is the CSCS (NSCA’s – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist). With that said,  make sure your personal trainer can at least demonstrate whatever exercise asked to be complete. If they can’t do it, you probably won’t be able to or you will most likely will not be able to perform it correctly. Having a formula that has worked for years is great but if the information isn’t up to date you could be missing out on pertinent information.

4. Don’t get just get interviewed by the personal trainer. Interview the personal trainer! You should  truly feel the personal trainer has a passion and genuinely cares about your end goal! It is not just “I pay you money so that you babysit me”, It should be ” I pay you money for your service and we both have the same passion for the my end goal!”  For you to accomplish your goals, your personal trainer must be able to as well as want to motivate you and keep you striving to get better! As the client, you may have had a bad day, your personal trainer must step in with energy and get you on track. That takes a common goal and passion!Personal training Success

5. Fitness club Vs. personal training studio. For every quality personal trainer that is employed by a fitness club , there are 5 personal trainers that should not be. The difference with a small personal training studio is the owner usually started out being a personal trainer and continually pushes the personal trainers to stay up to date on the newest information. Having a small business means you’re building your brand. When building your brand you want everyone that leaves to be a happy client. Keep in mind you are a walking bill board. This way,the  personal training studio and personal trainers receive praise from the community. Fitness centers have a surplus of clients, if a few people are unhappy they’ll survive.

Personal training can be an expensive investment, make sure you’re getting everything out of your personal trainer. Training Aspects stands by quality personal training and sports performance training! Feel free to test us on our own standards. We are here to make you Move – Look – Feel as you’ve always desired!

-Kirill Vaks BA, CSCS, ACSM-cpt, NFPT-sns

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