Ninja warrior hockey performance

How Can Ninja Help Improve My Hockey Performance?!?!

How Can Swinging Around Like a Ninja Increase Performance?!?!



Alright, I know what you’re thinking…how the heck does swinging around on things help me with hockey or the sport I play!? Let’s break it down!

How Ninja Improves Performance!

  1. Movement Efficiency – improve your ability to move your body more efficiently and increase the  fluidity of body mechanics! The more fluid your body moves the quicker and faster you’ll be on the ice or field!
  2. Grip Strength – Hanging and swinging can greatly improve your hand and grip strength, improving your shot power and efficiency!
  3. Hand Eye Coordination – Swinging and grabbing different holds can increase your hand eye coordination ability. You can also throw in some fun variations like tennis balls!
  4. Spatial Awareness – Flying around and understanding how to swing you hips and body can improve your ability to move and feel your body in space which leads to better awareness and movement on the field or ice!

These are just a few ways ninja can help imorve your performance on the ice or any sport you play! Stay tuned for more ninja tips and tricks!

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