Flexibility vs. Mobility

Flexibility vs. Mobility…Which is Better for Hockey Performance?

Flexibility vs. Mobility…Which is Better for Hockey Performance?

Flexibility and mobility, what’s the difference? These two words have very similar meanings, so determining which means what can get a little confusing. We’ll break it down for you! We’ll go over what each means in training terms, the difference between the two and how to get the best hockey performance benefit!

How We Define Flexibility:

Flexibility is typically referring to stretching or being able to get into a deep stretch. Think leaning over and touching your toes or sitting down and being able to grab your feet in front of you. These can be good indicators of having “flexibility” and not being overly tight. What the heck is mobility then??

Mobility trainingHow We Define Mobility:

Mobility is typically talking about the range of motion of our joints and how deep we can effectively get into movements. The TRUE difference between mobility and flexibility is mobility is about how strong you can be in those ranges of motion. It’s one thing to be able to stretch into a movement and a whole other thing to be able to be strong and explosive through those ranges of motion. Just because you can stretch into a range of motion does not mean you can control and be powerful through that range of motion! (More on this in another article about passive and active ranges of motion)

So Which is Better for Hockey Performance?

Both have there place in a well rounded sports performance program but when it comes to truly maximizing hockey performance and unleashing your potential, mobility is king! The benefits that come from increasing mobility are bountiful!

Mobility Benefits for Hockey Players:

  • Stronger on your Skates
  • Quicker Foot Speed
  • Increased Stride Power Production
  • Being Fluid and Explosive in every direction on the ice
  • Reduced Injury Risk


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