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Drink More Water!

Drink Your Gallon of Water Daily. Thank Me Later!

It’s no secret at this point: water is the only liquid that should be consumed in abundance on a daily basis. But do we know why? There are dozens of reasons. Let’s go over some of what this miracle beverage does for us!

  1. It’s the Elixir of Life!

Being hydrated helps allow your bodily systems to function properly and efficiently. When you’re hydrated, the fluids in your body get balanced. You won’t have dry mouth or the feeling of being thirsty because your saliva is being produced through hydration. You won’t have an itchy or dry nose and throat because being hydrated helps in the production of mucus. It also helps keep your joints lubricated so they move more efficiently.

  1. Radiant Skin!

Do you want your skin to look as luscious as your favorite Instagrammers? Hydrate! Your skin absorbs the water from the inside out! Think of it like watering a plant. You don’t have to pour the water on the plant; you have to make sure the soil or the plant’s roots are hydrated. The skin works the same way. Your skin will be less dry and wrinkly. Just ask the people with great skin what their secret is!


Did you know that you don’t NEED the 300+mg of caffeine that you consume daily? At this point, you may need it to keep your headaches away from caffeine withdrawal, but your body doesn’t NEED you to consume that caffeine. Your body will feel way more energy replacing that coffee or energy drink with… MORE WATER!

  1. Weight Loss?!

Consuming 1 gallon of water daily WILL change your dietary habits. You will be more full so less likely to eat junk as it curbs your appetite. Metabolism also gets boosted when your body stays hydrated. There is even a concept that drinking 16 oz of water in a given hour, your metabolism will spike 30% for 30-40 minutes. So you can boost your metabolism every hour by drinking 16 oz of water every 60 minutes!


Written by:

Ryan Hoff ASFA-CPT



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