Create integrative habits achieve your goals

The goal creates the puzzle our habits create the pieces

Achieve your life successNew years resolutions are right around the corner. Goal setting becomes a focus until the first obstacle comes up and then the excuses start. “I’ll try again next year”… “things are too hectic right now”, ” my goal wasn’t realistic.”. The goal isn’t unrealistic because the person is incapable of accomplishing it but they’re unwilling to sacrifice what is needed to see success. Goal setting is an interesting phenomenon. A person will imagine what it would feel like to accomplish the goal, envision it and may even begin to plan what it’ll take to make it work. Then either they take to long to act on it letting it go from achievable to an inconceivable task or they start but don’t account for the social influence or change of priorities. 

Goal setting is a great way to start but is usually a short-term commitment. In the health and wellness world specifically, Habits allow for true success or failure. Why we do what we do starts from an action, that action, when reinforced becomes a habit. The habits we create shape our life, our friends, associates, hobbies, weekly activities, what we prioritize. 

Setting goals challenge us to grow and adjust our life, as needed, to achieve our overall “life goal puzzle”. It’s important to set goals that you are willing to incorporate into your life.  If the goal begins to evolve into other parts of your life, then it may be possible that the pieces that are in place are in the wrong puzzle.Life puzzle of goals

Goals, values, Habits, Puzzle pieces …breaking it down

continued next week 

Written By: Kirill Vaks

Fitness Specialist



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