Congratulations Miss central coast

Training Aspects’, Anna Negron, wins Miss Central Coast

Miss Central coast

Miss Central Coast

Training Aspects would like to congratulate Anna Negron for winning Miss central coast on Saturday October 19th! The pageant had 10 very talented and attractive ladies competing. The girls were judged on talent, fitness( swim wear), evening wear and interview. Anna came out victorious in all challenges. Anna had three ovations during her solo with her beautiful voice, looked great in evening wear as well as swim suit and aced her interview question.

Anna had 1 month to prepare and completed Training Aspects personal training program from a distance. Her final 2 weeks consisted of a strict nutrient dense eating regimen and had to workout twice a day 5-6 days in the weeks coming up to the pageant. Besides her discipline and intensity, she is a very out going and high energy person that is a pleasure to be around!

Anna’s win Saturday night, gives her a bid to move on and compete in Miss new Jersey in June 2014!

Congratulations Miss Central Coast


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