Cherry Hill Personal Trainer’s Top 10 Reasons to Increase Water Consumption

Top 10 Reasons You Should Start Drinking More Water Today!


We have all been told at some time or another to consume more water. It’s good for you they say, but what does that exactly mean? We’re going to dive deeper into what really makes water so beneficial 

Personal Trainer Reason #1: Body Composition 

Your total body is composed of about 60% water. Your lean mass (excludes fat) composes about 73%. So if your water intake is low, don’t be surprised if your energy is too. 

Personal Trainer Reason #2: Aids Digestion

Adequate water intake helps improve every digestive process from the mouth all the way to the intestines.  It can also help prevent constipation. 

Personal Trainer Reason #3: Improved Blood Flow

Your blood is made up of 86% water.  If water intake is restricted, so will your blood flow. 

Personal Trainer Reason #4: Helps Nutrient Delivery

Proper water consumption will help deliver important nutrients throughout the body, especially water soluble vitamins like vitamin B and C.  

Personal Trainer Reason #5: Protects Joints

Adequate water intake will lubricate and cushion the joints, reducing cartilage wear and tear helping to prevent future injuries. 

Personal Trainer Reason #6: Improve Brain Function

Consuming enough water will allow you to think clearer and be more productive with your time.  

Personal Trainer Reason #7: Regulates Body Temperature

Sweating is one way the body regulates temperature.  Water is excreted through the pores cooling the body down.  If water stores are low dehydration can occur. 

Personal Trainer Reason #8: Keeps Skin Moisturized

Water can help keep skin moisturized and look healthier.  Dehydrated skin will be dryer and appear to have more wrinkles.  

Personal Trainer Reason #9: Improved Kidney Function

Kidneys are completely dependent on water for proper function.  Through the use of water the kidneys remove many waste products and toxins from the body.

Personal Trainer Reason #10: Increased Muscle Strength

Muscles are made up of 76% water.  If muscles become dehydrated muscle strength will drop significantly and fatigue will set in quickly.  

Water Intake Recommendations

  • 8 glasses a day (64 oz.) is a good starting point for most
  • Athletes and avid exercises should strive for up to 110 oz. daily
  • If you weigh yourself before you work out, any weight lost by the end of your work out must be replenished with 12oz of water per pound lost. (Lose body fat, not water weight)

Written By: Robert Jost NSCA-cpt, ACE-cpt

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