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4 Exercises To Add To Your Sports Performance Training – Getting Started

4 Sports Performance Techniques to Add Into Your Program


sports performance exerciseThe competitive athlete is always looking for that advantage. The competitive mindset can be tough, it means you must continuously find new information that others are unaware of and add it into your already intense training program. If that’s what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 4 exercises to add to your sports performance program to get ahead of your competition.

  1. Resistance band training– This distraction will make you feel like you’re not as fast, everything is slower, and a component into your exercises with the bands where you have to react similar to the way you may need to react in the game. If doing resistance sprints, complete your route and have someone actually throw the ball at the end for you to catch. If skating, add a stickhandling competent to it. When creating these situations  make sure if you do 4 sets with the band complete another four sets without the band. Also, do not tie your hand behind your back or put the resistance band on your one ankle. the point of the resistance is to increase the challenge of the exercise not create an unrealistic situation that actually may affect your form in the long run.
  2. Train in your equipment– If you’re doing strength and conditioning, maybe all your equipment is overkill but how about mouthpiece and helmet. Mouthpiece may make it a bit harder to breath over time and helmet can create a number of distractions. If you play a sport in it. Add some training time with it.
  3. Visual cues- As you are training complete exercises that also make you react to visual cues. If you are doing push ups,have two small lights placed in front of you one eft one right. Whenever one lights up continue to do your push ups but tap the light.
  4. Talk as you workout- communicating with your teammates is huge. Make sure you are prepping your breathing as if you are in game mode and create specific points in the workout where game cues are needed and add them into your workout.

There are many amateur and professional athletes that on paper look great. When given one task. one variable to overcome, they look like studs. When the game begins and the many obstacles appear, they disappear. Your sports performance training may be missing the application factor. If realistic, add those variables into every part of your life and see how your game time ability improves.


Kirill Vaks


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