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3 ways Boxing training will elevate your hockey player

3 ways Boxing training help your Hockey player

“I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out” – Rodney Dangerfield. Hockey is a game of speed, agility, change of direction, power, and of course, finesse. In a very similar way, boxing movements and athletic needs are great ways to complement and elevate the skills of a hockey player. Here are 3 great traits that boxing can provide to your developing hockey player:Training Aspects is the home of the hockey player hockey training

Improved Agility and Footwork:

Boxing requires precise footwork and quick movements to evade opponents and maintain balance while shooting off powerful shots. Similarly, hockey, though played on skates, demands very similar movement needs. Hockey is a game of speed, quick transitions, and changes of direction. To be able to stop and start explosively, change direction, shoot, and take a hit, all at the same time, takes great athleticism.

Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination and Reaction:

Boxing drills and exercises can significantly improve hand-eye coordination, crucial for both punching accuracy in boxing and stickhandling skills in hockey. It also helps to slow the game down and be able to read the situation. Better coordination allows young athletes to react more swiftly to fast-paced game situations and make precise passes and/or shots.

Heighten the hockey Mental Toughness:

Boxing requires discipline, a strong mind, and focus to overcome challenges and stay composed under pressure. Learning to handle the intensity of boxing training and competitions can help young athletes develop mental toughness, resilience, and confidence, valuable attributes for facing the physical and mental demands of competitive hockey games.

If speed and acceleration, power, confidence or the need to slow the game down, is on your list of “need to get better” for next season, add boxing into the mix!


Written by:

Kirill Vaks BA, CSCS
Performance coach


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