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Tell us your story … Tell us your goal

Share your  Health, fitness, sports performance story! Use the Hashtag: TAstories in an Instagram post. Get creative. The best story will be picked by the Training Aspects team plus 3 outside people and … The Instagram people.

#TAstories step 1.

Make a video or picture(s) for an instagram post. Make sure to Tag Training aspects in the post and add the #TAstories to the description. You may post as many times as you would like! to get some examples click on #tastories and there are already a few examples available. There is no limitation, Whether you are looking to lose weight, need help making a sports team or just want to be healthy for your family. Whatever your story, share it! #TAstories is open to all.

The #TAStories competition .. win 4months of free training. Here is an example of how to do it! Get creative! There will be a fan vote,as well as, an interview with us! There will be a few other trainers joining the drawing so there may be up to 3-5 winners!! #movelookfeel #trainingaspects #tastories #getresults#performancegoals #weightloss#hockeytraining #ninjawarriortraining #dedication#getresults#footballtraining #pagaentprep #winning#30daysleft#trainingforthecommunity#trainercollaboration

28 Likes, 2 Comments – TRAINING ASPECTS Performance (@trainingaspects) on Instagram: “The #TAStories competition .. win 4months of free training. Here is an example of how to do it! Get…”


#TAstories Step 2.

We will repost them on the Training Aspects instagram. The top 3 stories that get the most attention(Likes commnets, engagmnet) will be picked.


#TAstories Step 3.

The top 3 winners will meet with us in person for the final interview. The job of the winner will be to document (post on instagram) their 4 month journey to accomplishing their goal.  We will also,  ask (only the actual winner) for a  financial deposit that will be returned at the end of the 4 months.

The fitness industry has so many trainers, products, equipment, techniques and often makes personal training to be a luxury or a service thats used here and there. We want to show the experience of a dedicated training client.  If you pick the right training program and you truly commit to learning and practice patients you can change your life! Training is not just about losing weight but truly feeling confident in your movement, your appearance and the way you feel. Like anything great it takes time and work.  Move, Look, Feel as you’ve always desired!

Good Luck everyone and we look forward to working with the winner!


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