Mikey Collela D1 Hockey player developed hockey training with Training aspects

Unleash the potential podcast- Mikey Collela – Know you’re own greatness

Training Aspects Hockey player interview:

Hockey Mindset: Love the Game and don’t listen to others opinion

Mikey Collela has played hockey his whole life. He accomplished more than many believed he could from a young age. His size was always a piece that made coaches and hockey authorities overlook his ability. One of Mikey’s special talents? Don’t let anyone get in your head, play your game. Mikey had a different journey to playing D1 hockey. While many played triple-A hockey, Mikey went “down” a level around 15 years old, dominated, and then came back up to showcase his abilities.When he returned to play for, at that time, team Comcast, many didn’t expect much. However, he became an important piece of the team’s chemistry.

Hockey mindset: new opportunity, get the most out of it

When he moved on from the youth level, he started playing for the NCDC Pal Islanders. In 10 games, he scored 21 points within a month and was called up by the USHL Omaha Lancers. (Check out the interview to hear the rest of the story.) Each person’s journey is different. Outsiders can assume and share their opinion, but no one can truly know the potential in each individual.

Mikey meets Kirill and Training Aspects:

We met Mikey in March of 2018, 5 months before he went to Pal Islanders. The work ethic and dedication we saw from him that summer was truly inspiring. Since we met him, every hockey off season, 5 days a week, he is with us and on the ice. Developing his movements, competing with the other hockey players and focused on taking his hockey game to a different level.  It’s truly been a privilege to have worked with him since 2018, and we look forward to continuing to help him develop and watch him overcome the challenges. Check out the interview to hear Mikey’s story.

Mikey Collela D1 Hockey player developed hockey training with Training aspects

Written by:

Kirill Vaks BA, CSCS
Performance coach


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