Skating stride good form

Top 3 Ways to Improve Hockey Stride Performance

Top 3 Ways to Improve Hockey Stride Performance

The off-season is here and it’s time to start training for next year! Hockey stride performance is always at the top of the mind of every parent and kid at season end. “How do I improve my stride?” How do I get faster?” We’re here to help answer those questions and be as efficient as possible in your training program focus. So you can maximize those off-season hockey stride gainz!


Hockey Stride Tip 1:  Ankle Mobility

Ankle mobility is one of the most under rated yet important aspects of improving your stride speed, power and performance! Coaches always say GET LOW! And they’re correct…but what might not be understood is a lot of getting low is bout ankle mobility!  Without the ability to dorsiflex or bend your ankle forward efficiently, how low you can get into your stride will be greatly limited. Here are a couple pictures to show the difference ankle mobility makes in getting lower in your stride and the effect it has on the whole body posture while skating.

Skating stride bad form

Poor Stride form, limited ankle mobility

Skating stride good form

Skating stride with proper ankle mobility

Hockey Stride Tip 2:  Ankle, Knee, Hip Alignment

Proper alignment is everything when it comes to creating more power and overall speed in your skate stride! Without aligning the three main joints of the lower body (ankle, knee, hip) your ability to produce power and speed will be greatly reduced. You can’t produce force effieciently off an unstable foundation. If the joints are aligned strongly the body can produce great force and power leading to increased speed and performance of your stride! Checck out the pictures below for proper ankle, knee and hip alignment.


Skate stride alignment

Poor Alignment of Ankle, Knee, Hip


Skate stride alignment

Proper alignment of ankle, knee, hip

Hockey Stride Tip 3: Hip Extension

Maximizing your hip extension is the ultimate when it comes to improving stride efficiency and power output! If each stride has a bigger pushoff and extension of the hip this leads to less strides needed. This will lead to better skating efficiency. Better skating efficiency will lead to increased stamina to last through the 3rd period and keep the body fresher through the long season! Here are some pics to show efficient hip extension.


Hip extension for stride

Poor Hip Extension in your stride


Skating stride good form

Skating stride with proper hip extension


Now you know what to focus on in your stride mechanics and positioning to maximize your performance this off-season! If you still have questions or are not sure how to add these things into your program, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’ d love to answer any questions you have or invite you in for a complimentary movement assessment to truly help you…


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