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Leptin! What is it? And How it Affects your Body?

What Is Leptin:

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Leptin is a protein produced in the fat cells, it then circulates through the bloodstream, and is delivered to the brain.  The leptin hormone has gone by many names including the “obesity hormone,” the “fat hormone,” and the “starvation hormone.” The “starvation hormone” is the truest of them all though. This is because leptin production is triggered when your body has become full after eating. It sends a signal to the brain saying it has had enough to eat and has enough energy stored to engage in normal daily activities as well as exercise.


Diet and Leptin Levels:

Unfortunately, when you go on a diet or restrict your calories, your leptin production will suffer. Your body will begin to produce less leptin. This is a major problem, decreased leptin means increased hunger. Your appetite increases to uneeded levels, the  signal “you’re full” does not register (AKA Leptin Resistance, Discussed Later). With this increased hunger comes over consumption of calories and decreased weight loss.

The Vagus Nerve and Leptin:

Weight loss


The vagus nerve plays a large role in controlling leptin levels and keeping them stable. The vagus nerve runs between the brain and the abdomen and is responsible for driving leptin levels back up after they have dropped too low. It does this by taking in extra energy and storing them in your fat cells. It’s essential to keep leptin levels stable and your brain receiving the signal, it’s full. This way, you don’t over indulge.

Leptin Resistance:

As if it wasn’t hard enough to try and keep leptin levels stable and functioning properly, there is this phenomenon called “leptin resistance”. Leptin resistance is when your leptin levels are high but your brain isn’t receiving the signal to stop eating. You’re not really hungry anymore you just keep eating because your brain still thinks it’s starving. This seems to be very common in the obese population, which leads to over consumption of calories. This leads to severe weight gain.

So how do we overcome leptin resistance and improve weight loss?

                        Stay tuned.. The solution next Monday!

 By: Robert Jost
Personal Trainer
NSCA-cpt, ACE-cpt

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