Sports performance Fancy Versus Simple 3 thoughts

Sports Performance – 3 simple thoughts

Fancy versus Simple. Yes, having a machine that lifts the weights for your clients is great, but that may also go against the principal of overload. Just kidding.. kind of… 3 things that drive me crazy about the fitness and yes, sport performance world.

1. What’s the hot piece of research or what are the top “experts” in the field discussing

Keeping up with the latest information is important, as well as, paying attention to the people who have made a name for themselves. However, stop focusing on their research or whats the next hot technique. Define yourself with your training style, your results, your niche. When I started in the field, I wanted to be the best in nutrition, performance, “corrective”, you can only be truly great at one. The ability to research, apply the research and reset (yes, you will have to reset/start over, you will continue to find variables in the research which was missed.)

2. Equipment- Fancy Vs. Basic

 State of the art equipment makes everyones job easier. There is something about that scene in Rocky 3 when Apollo takes rocky from a state of the art performance facility and takes him into a dirty and questionable boxing space. Less equipment and more focus on the foundational principals. Train in the various planes, understand energy systems and develop movement ability and power through movement. … The trainer’s ability to help develop an athlete has less to do with the training toys available and comfort of the facility but the trainer’s understanding of the most effective way to approach a developing athlete. One of my favorite drills we run monthly at Training Aspects, each trainer is challenged to use a random item in the gym or outside and must come up with 15-20 various exercises with it. That’s right everything even a trash can could be used as a piece of equipment.

3. The amount of business focus versus results focus

Keeping the lights on is important but so is allowing clients to succeed. That’s *why* they invested in your services! Getting and keeping clients is a challenge and finding ways to cover overhead helps. The business part is an important piece of running a successful facility. However, The amount of “Business minded” people in the field is insane. More people focus on business models than genuinely caring about the client and developing their craft. It takes sacrifice and doesn’t always pack the wallet, until the rumor begins to spread… there is someone out there that genuinely wants to help.

Just a 4th of July thought. Posted on a Wednesday :-)!

Kirill Vaks
Sports performance movement specialist

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