Personal Trainer Quick Tip! How Stretching Relates to Performance

Personal Trainer Quick Tip!

When and How You Stretch Can Determine Performance!


To stretch or not to stretch pre-workout that is the question. There are two main types of stretching, static and dynamic. Static stretching, Holding a stretch for 20-30 seconds per muscle group (Ex. touching toes for hamstrings), is what most people are familiar with.

 Static stretching can be a great tool used for increasing mobility and flexibility post workout, but isn’t as effective pre-game or pre-run. Studies have shown that it not only reduces your power output during sprints or sports like football. Now there is evidence it can reduce endurance performance as well. Two groups, one stretched before, the other did not, were told to go for a 30 minute run and cover as much distance as possible. The non-stretched group actually ran 3.4 % further than the stretched group. This is where dynamic stretching can be beneficially. Dynamic stretching is when actively stretch through controlled body movements or exercises tailored toward the activity you’re about to engage in. Dynamic stretching will warm and ready the muscles without reducing performance. Examples include – controlled high knees, controlled butts kicks for running, hip openers, squats and arm circles for strength training. For optimum performance, save static stretching for after exercise and start incorporating dynamic stretches before you work out!

Written By: Robert Jost NSCA-cpt, ACE-cpt 

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