Nutrition For Success:

“Calories in Vs. Calories out”

The majority of registered dietitians, nutritionists, and personal trainers will focus on calories in vs. calories out for weight loss, fat loss, and weight gain.   If the majority of health organizations  focus on this method then it must be the way! It is a basic staple in any nutrition program. Macro-nutrients,  the energy giving nutrients (Fats, carbohydrates, proteins), are only one piece of the nutrition puzzle, however. There is no “universal puzzle piece” which fits all. How then do we isolate to each person’s needs?  The Training Aspects plan consists of building a base through realistic life style changes and then concentrating on interval and nutrient density. To help you stay healthy, alert, moving, looking and feeling as you’ve always desired, we will go through a few different programs which will be adjusted to fit your lifestyle:

Nutrition density program: This is a 3 phase program which is adjusted as you get closer to your goal.

Beginner: In this program begin to understand the importance of nutrition not calorie counting. Step by step program to allow you to transition into a healthier eating style.

Intermediate: This is the level 2 program it has a bit more structure and control. This program allows you to break the plateau which you may have come across and will take you to a new level in your body fat, weight loss, sports performance goals.

Advanced: This program is based on the intermediate program but has a few eating intervals which makes it slightly more advanced meaning more discipline is involved.

Other programs include:

Nutrition timing: This program helps you understand how to properly prepare for a workout, perform through out, and have a more effective recovery.

Nutrition maintenance: This is a very effective program which helps maintain and keep yourself in a healthy state.

4 step for success: Increasing and decreasing specific  nutrients allows for immediate success! For example. immediate weight loss, increased performance, increased energy as well as many other great benefits.


We do not believe in “diets” or calorie deprivation (for most, we usually have to increase the calorie intake).
Our programs contain carbs, fats and proteins. Best of all, they work!

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