New years resolutions for health and fitness with Training Aspets personal trainers

new years resolution: more than 10% of 2024 is up

More than 10 percent of 2024 is done. How’s your New Year’s resolution?

That’s right, about 10 percent of 2024 is complete! As 2023 was coming to an end, the mentality was there… 2024 was going to be the year of health and productivity! No matter how it’s going, here are 3 things to add to not lose another year!

Don’t compare your past habits and daily routine.

New years resolutions for health and fitness with Training Aspets personal trainersIt would be nice if life never changed and your schedule was always simple and easy to navigate. School, kids, relationships, work… There are many reasons why schedules go haywire. The goal is to find consistency and priority on what is most important. When you’re 21, there is little accountability and responsibility. Maybe you can’t work out and play a sport every day and/or meal prep for a perfect macros food schedule because the schedule is more hectic. I guarantee there are parts that can be salvaged. Start with a 30-minute workout and not eating after 7pm. Will this give you the results you’re looking for in 6 weeks? Maybe not, but I guarantee the results will come though maybe a little slower! Consistency always beats perfection… Because perfection, unfortunately, means inconsistency.

Don’t stop when you mess up.

It’s bound to happen, a bad day, a bad few days… that doesn’t mean go on a 3-month spiral. Routines are tough, but perfect is not the goal. One or a few bad days mean, get back to it. If getting back to it is too challenging, then maybe it’s the wrong program. If you walk into a gym and someone says squat 500lbs on the first day and you haven’t squatted in 5 years, you’re probably on the wrong program. The same goes for daily habits/ the daily routine. Create habits that are consistent and manageable. As they become easy to accomplish daily, add another habit or progress one or more of the habits. The first few weeks are meant to create a foundation, then start increasing the pace!

Stop Bullying yourself.

There are plenty of people out there that have no problem telling a person they’re lazy and no good. Be your own biggest fan, be critical but fair. If something isn’t being done, find a solution; negative self-talk isn’t going to resolve the issue. The past is great to learn and reflect from, decide what can be done now and attack the plan!

Getting back on a routine can be a challenging task. Don’t add reasons why you can’t, do what you can and progress from there. Start somewhere and don’t stop.


Written by:

Kirill Vaks BA, CSCS
Performance coach


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