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Metabolism: Speed up

Speed up your metabolism

Weight loss is synonymous with metabolism.  One of the first complaints, when starting a weight-loss regimen, is that of a slow Speed up your metabolism and lose body fat!metabolism.  The truth is that in most cases, metabolism largely depends on a person’s size, as more of a person requires a faster metabolism to sustain.  This article will focus on speeding up metabolism through both nutrition and fitness.


Metabolism is like a fire.  Put too much wood in the fire and the fire will be overtaken and die out. Too little wood will simply burn too quickly, resulting in the fire similarly dying out. However, a controlled amount of wood will burn beautifully.  It’s a great analogy.  This is a very basic explanation of metabolism.  A body fed on a regimented schedule will increase its efficiency in breaking food down, thereby leading to a faster metabolism.  To help this process, eat smaller meals, but add snacks between meals.  The snacks should all have a carbohydrate, a protein, and a fat in them.


weight loss tips

From the fitness perspective, build lean muscle in order to speed up metabolism.  A common mistake people make is to skimp on resistance training in favor of all cardio, and this habit should change.  Cardio is important for the body; however, it should not be the sole source of exercise.  Cardio does not overload muscles, and therefore it does not increase lean muscle tissue in the body.  Remember the more muscle in the body, the faster the metabolism.  The reason for this is that muscle needs more energy to sustain itself.  Cardio can be incorporated in unison with resistance training—the two need not be separate.  A good way to accomplish this is with an upper-body exercise followed by a lower-body one.  Another example would be doing high knees in place and then performing a squat with a shoulder press.  Keep in mind that increasing lean muscle tissue doesn’t mean looking like the Incredible Hulk.  One can build lean muscle without bulking up.

Final thought:

Healthy daily habits

It’s important to understand what happens inside your body, at least at a basic level, no matter the goal you try to achieve.  While there has been plenty of research released, some of it is insufficient, some outdated, and the rest blown out of proportion and out of context.  A basic understanding will allow you to separate the effective from the fictional.



By: Kirill Vaks
Fitness and exercise specialist
BA, CSCS, ACSM-cpt, NFPT-sns 



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