Kettlebell Training:

Kettlebells racked

They aren’t as intimidating as they seem, you’ll grow to like them!


Kettlebells Sports Performance history

History of Kettlebells

Kettlebells originated in 17th century Russia where pyramid-shaped weights called “giri” were used on huge scales to measure grain, feed and meat.

Over time the “girya,” or kettlebell changed in shape and size, and became a tool specifically manufactured for strength training. These cannonball shaped iron orbs with handles lifted in a swinging motion where developed by the Russian (former Soviet union) Strongmen as a way to build strength, balance, flexibility and endurance, quickly. Besides the use for strongmen, The kettlebells became a way to keep the average person in shape.

The Russian Kettlebell is the ultimate tool for extreme all around fitness – strength building and cardio-vascular conditioning.

Training Aspects & Kettlebells

Training Aspects’ training programs are developed specifically to the needs of each individual. The kettlebell will usually find its way in the majority of programs. This advanced training technique, is great way to not only increase muscular strength and burn high amounts of Calories but also a great way to get your body working as one unit.

kettlebell rack squat

 Benefits of Kettlebells

  • Improves maximal strength and explosive power
  • Increase full body force production
  • Improves aerobic capacity
  • Increases VO2Max (maximal oxygen intake)
  • Positively impacts cardiorespiratory endurance and promotes changes in body composition (fat loss)
  • Increases musculoskeletal health by reducing neck, shoulder and low back pain, and increases trunk extensor strength.
  • Promotes correct full body movements and posture control.
  • Improves core stability and strength in the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, and lower back) which are weak in many people.
  • Improves balance, coordination, and agility


The Kettlebell Experience:

Kettlebell swing High power


  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Kettlebell Snatch 
  • Kettlebell Clean 
  • Ketlebell High Pull 
  • Kettlebell Clean and Press 


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