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Training Aspects, Personal Training, Personal Trainer, Fitness, Insulin, Exercise, Fat Loss, Weight LossHappy 2014 everyone! Yesterday, January first, I decided to go through some of my old notes from 2013. It has been a year to remember! As I was searching through all the different notebooks I have taken notes in, whether for personal training, overall ideas, or overall thoughts (I have a lot of notebooks)! I came across notes I took from one of my favorite, authors/physical therapists/businessman/ person of character, Pat Croce. Though many remember Pat Croce as one of the owners of the Philadelphia 76ers, Pat Croce actually started out as a physical therapist and built a Physical therapy business of 40+ locations until it was bought out by  Nova Care. A self made man  who then moved on to owning the 76ers and with his leadership taken a broken down team/product and making them relevant again. If you remember, allen Iverson and the 76ers taking on the LA Lakers, that was under his reign. They haven’t been the same since he stepped down. The difference, Pat croce is a leader among leaders. In his book “Lead or get off the pot”, which I highly recommend, he talks about people who use the phrase ” Because that’s the way things have always been done”. To bring his point home he shares a story. The story goes like this:

Did you ever wonder why railroad tracks are exactly four feet eight and one half inches. Ok, so you probably didn’t know that.  However, why are they four feet eight and one half inches? That is the exact measurement, not 5feet, 4 feet eight and one half inches. If you ask In the US, most people will say, “that’s how they built them in England” it was the expatriates of England who built them. Why did the English use that Gauge? Because the people who built pre-railroad tramways used that gauge. They used it because the people who built tram ways used the same tools and jigs and they were specific for the wheel placement of a wagon. Why did wagon builders use that gauge, because that was the spacing for the wheel ruts and any other spacing would break the wheels. Who built the rutted roads you ask? The ruts were made specifically for the Roman war Chariots, They created the first roads for long distance traveling in Europe ( to conquer of course). How did the Roman war chariot makers decided on four feet eight and one half inches? The war Chariots had to be wide enough to fit 2 war horses rear ends.

Personal training successJust because something has been done the same way, does not mean it is the right way. Even if it still works why not make it better! Do not fear change, do not fear failure. The only way you can achieve success is through failing. Otherwise what kind of challenge would it be if it wasn’t difficult? The saying ” if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” makes sense, but what if you want something better for yourself. Just because life has always been a certain way, does not mean it has to stay that way. You live once, give yourself every opportunity to enjoy life. Whether that means, increase your confidence, increase your physical abilities or whatever else that may be important to you , your family your friends. All it takes is an action step! Then another and another and another. Before you know it you’re half way there.

You don’t have to just be an adequate athlete, or overweight, or  out of shape, or too old, or whatever else you may be just content with. From Training Aspects we wish everyone a Happy 2014 and let this be the year  you accomplish that New Year’s Resolution!

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-Kirill Vaks
BA, CSCS, ACSM-cpt, NFPT-sns

 Performance and Fitness specialist

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