Hang like a ninja pro

How to Get Started with Ninja…Just Hang!

How to start Ninja training: tips from the pros

You know the hardest part of starting any new hobby or goal?
Getting started to train ninja isn’t as hard as you may think. it’s starts with JUST HANGING! How simple is that?!
The first step is to just get used to hanging from a bar. Let the hands figure out how to squeeze, how to relax your shoulders and come to a full hang, and NOT flail your legs around trying to stay up! The more movement you have, the harder you will make the deadhang!

Start with just hanging for 10 seconds! See how it feels! Then each time you hang, just go up another 5 seconds! You’ll be up to a minute in no time!

Once you get comfortable with a deadhang, see if you can let go with 1 hand! Now DO NOT, just let go with 1 hand and think your grip is developed enough to take that weight transfer! Before you let go with 1 hand, shift your bodyweight over to the side that is going to be staying gripped on the bar. THEN let go with the other hand. Doing the weight transfer this way allows your body to be where it is going to have to be in order for your weight transfer to work. If you let go before shifting your weight, then your body is going to just swing in the direction of the hand that’s hanging still, and it will be ALOT harder to hang on!

Now hop up on a bar and start working that grip strength!

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