Eat with Purpose:4 steps to fitness success

4 steps to Success weight loss success

Personal training successRight now, we’re developing a healthy fitness mindset.  You wrote down three days of everything that you have ingested (food and liquid, even that little tootsie roll that you may have forgotten).  You have a good idea of what changes you have made and have stuck to them with no problem.  Give it 21 days to create the habit; if that’s not enough, go longer!  The point is to replace the old unhealthy habits with new, healthy and realistic habits.  Now, if you’ve had any trouble adjusting your nutrition regimen, these four steps will help.

Personal trainer step#1:

Increase water consumption: The first one which honestly is the easiest for some and extremely hard for others is drinking more fluid throughout the day. The preferred liquid of choice is water. Water comprises about three quarters of the human mass and plays a major role in the composition of every cell.  Inadequate water consumption can reduce protein synthesis, which in turn will slow your metabolism down.  Without naming anything else, you can see how just adding more water into your diet can help your body be more effective and is always the first step to changing a diet. If you are not a big water drinker, you can add lemon or a fruit of your choice, drink teas (preferably without caffeine or  added sugar!) or Emergence packets for flavor. Final note on this topic, try to stay away from any type of soda, diet or regular. (Training Aspects Weight loss)

Personal trainer step#2:

Decrease added sugar:  I don’t like kcal counting!  I don’t feel like it’s something most people like to do either.  I assume most wouldn’t like to count added sugar.  However, go back to your journal and look up what you ate and check the nutrition facts on it.  Popular iced tea drinks (Snapple, Arizona), soda, and plenty of others have 45grams (if not more) of added sugar in a full bottle (check the serving size).  Count up the amount of sugar you are taking in daily and try to cut that down by at least 1/3rd.  Even with your coffee/tea, if you can use one packet of sugar instead of two or three, that can make a difference.  Try to stick to yogurts with less than 16grams of sugar.  They will still taste good. (Decrease body fat)

Personal trainer step #3:

Decrease fried foods: There really isn’t much more to say on this topic.  If you’re eating chicken, turkey fish, whatever else, bake it, grill it, or even broil it (Foreman grill—cheap and easy) but do not fry it!  You do not need it and I promise you that your body doesn’t, either. (Increase muscle tone)

Personal trainer step #4:

Increase fiber intake: This is another step that will go a long way.  On average, it’s important to have between 25-35g of fiber a day (women on the lower end and men on the higher end of those numbers). Besides making sure you go regularly, fiber regulates your blood sugar, improves G.I. health and function, can help prevent colon cancer, and help lower bad cholesterol (LDL).  Fiber is mostly found in complex carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables brown rice etc.), nuts, beans, seeds. You can also add fiber to your food, for example, Metamucil. (Become a more lean you!)

Most people I begin working with, can add at least 2 of these if not all of them without needing too much willpower.  Keeping in mind that you are still developing a healthy nutritional lifestyle, each person is unique, so adding any of these will help you in your journey to success!

Quote of the week:

                                          “Time spent wishing is time wasted!”

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By: Kirill Vaks
Fitness and exercise specialist
BA, CSCS, ACSM-cpt, NFPT-sns 

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